Seven types of pull-up workouts

Seven types of pull-up workouts

Pull-ups are absolute the best action to practice the back. It is the best way to finish the pull-ups: strength, stability, and muscle

Pull-ups are definitely one of the best compound exercises back training.

Practice pull-ups well are sure to be the right choice to increase strength, stability and build the muscle more effectively.

1. Classic Pull-Up

Classic pull-ups are a very hardcore move that is good for training the upper and middle back. The stimulation is primarily focused on laps and traps, making sure to pull the body up and the chin over the bar during the exercise, with a full contraction of the back muscles.

2. Wide Grip Pull-Up

The wide-grip will increase the difficult of pull-ups. The chest muscles will not exert much forces at this time, and the back muscles will bear almost 100% of the pressure, and you will feel the burning sensation this move brings to the muscles.

Do wide grip pull-up, making sure your hands are wider than shoulder-width apart. Also don’t hold too far to prevent injury, but make sure you are far enough apart. There are some differences from Classic pull-up. You need to use all your strength to do the move.

3. Narrow Grip Pull-Up

The narrow grip pull-up is different from the wide grip pull-up, not only in the name, but in the muscle needed to complete it. It can be a selection of the certain moves, and the training to make sure you get the desired effect and find out which one works best for you.

Narrow grip pull-up are more biceps than other moves. As well as reverse grip pull-up. The biceps are the main muscle to training, and the chest muscles will be involved more than other moves. If you want to strengthen your arms, this move will be easier.

This move can further change to one-arm pull-up, which is unstable in many situations and can be injured. So need to be careful when training.

4. Parallel Grip Pull-Up

Parallel grip pull-up will drastically alter the mechanics of the move.Unlike other variations, the hand position moves along the pole. The movie uses a pull-up bar, and the grip is palm-to-hand like hammer curl,which trains the muscles more powerfully from different angles.

There are additional advantages and disadvantages to doing Parallel grip pull-up. This grip allows for more freedom of move-in pull-ups, is a great way to reduce the risk of injury especially for beginners. The downside is that it targets the backless.

5. Reverse Grip Pull-Up

Reverse grip pull-up is one of the friendliest pull-ups. It’s the biggest difference from Classic pull-up. The reverse grip changed the move, and the biceps take most of the stress. Reverse grip pull-up are a bit like Parallel grip pull-up, but it makes up for what might be overlooked in arms training.

6. Mixed Grip Pull-Up

If you like pull ups too but you don’t know how to do, this may be the best thing exercise for you. Doing all the grips is the best way of promoting the growth of your back muscles. However, if you don’t have enough time, you can choose the mixed grip pull-up.

One hand faces outward and one hand faces inward, so that you can train different muscle groups to achieve the desired training purpose.

7. Muscle-Ups

Muscle-ups take the pull-ups to the extreme. This move is extremely difficult, and they are the best in terms of upper bodybuilding. It doesn’t even require adding weight, and for most people. It is an impossible thing to do.

The technique of this move is almost the same as pull-up at the beginning. When the highest point of the pull-ups is reached, the chest and triceps must be pushed down until the arm is straight. Once the arm lift is completed, a pull-up is complete. Sound difficult, right?

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