About us



Sportroyals is a reputable brand with over 20 years of manufacture and sell experience in strength training equipment. The brand name is derived from the words sports and royals, which means becoming a benchmark brand in the sports industry.

Each product has been carefully designed by the R&D team to strictly control the manufacturing process and provide excellent products.

Sportsroyals value the functionality, design and technology of our products highly to let our user get more effective.



The founder, Alexander, was thinner than his peers since he was a child. He was often ridiculed by his peers, and was mocked as look like a stick person, which made him feel inferior and made him have no friends. It wasn't until he went to college that he began to get in touch with the sport of fitness. Through his unremitting efforts, fitness has made his body stronger and more confident. Fitness has greatly changed his physiology and psychology, and he has slowly made many friends. Later, he came up with the idea of allowing more people who are afraid of public places and financially strapped like him to change themselves through fitness, so he founded the sportsroyals brand, determined to let more people like him become the king in his mind through fitness. After several years of hard work, he launched the first product sportsroyals power tower, which is an affordable and space-free home fitness equipment that can meet the requirements for exercising all parts of the body. It is popular with consumers when it is launched.



We hope to design and develop more simple and convenient products to maximize the fitness effect. You don't have to spend extra time or money to go to the gym, or set aside a room to buy a lot of fitness equipment. You can experience the fun of fitness in a limited indoor space through our fitness equipment. We hope that people can find themselves in the process of fitness, develop perseverance, and become a better version of themselves.